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Food Club Asia, the newest online guide for the best restaurants and drinks in Asia, unveiled its Food Blogging Platform!

Every time you munch on your favorite snack or the moment you discover a taste that’s so out of this world to the point that you cannot explain it, simply log in your Food Club Asia account and enjoy the benefits you have not imagined to be possible!

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Achieve multi-star levels of our Insider profiles! From gaining the newbie badge to getting the chef’s best friend tag, each review counts as a step higher towards the ultimate goal of being a superstar foodie of the month (and of the year). Awesome dining experiences and freebies await you! Get those points earning more and more!

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As they say, friends who eat together, stay together. Whether you are looking for new restaurants to try next or craving for the best taco in town, you are surely going to find the perfect one that suits your taste buds! This is all because Food Club Asia’ verified reviewers stay true to their feedback and help restaurants as well for further improvement. Know more about the togetherness culture here.

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In the modern world of social media, posting your reviews daily could be your practice game for your next writing project. We have a pool of now-great and professional writers who started with us from just newbies to being hired as food writers on famous glossies to date. There’s nothing wrong in trying. Shall we begin? There’s no penny involved anyways! Absolutely free!

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Write your first blog now!

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