Affordable Samgyupsal at Romantic Baboy

By: Norge Bondoc

August 5, 2021

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Romantic Baboy is a popular unlimited samgyupsal restaurant with several branches across Metro Manila.

Romantic Baboy Menu

Romantic Baboy’s menu is pretty similar to other samgyupsal restaurants. Most meat flavors are also available elsewhere.

For P499, you get unlimited choice of 8 types of pork and beef, which includes plain and marinated flavors. You can choose from the following:

Herb samgyupsal (herb-flavored pork belly)
Woo samgyup (thin slices of beef brisket)
Moksal (seasoned pork neck)
Daepae samgyupsal (thin slices of pork belly)
Yangyum galbi (marinated pork ribs)
Bulgogi (sweet marinated Korean-style beef)
Spicy beef (thin slices of beef dipped in spicy sauce)
Curry beef (thin slices of beef dipped in curry sauce)

Here are photos of some their meat selection:


Eating Tip: I’ve always been doing this and I know you are too. Lay the lettuce on your plate. Add the samgyupsal, salt, Korean sauce, Kimchi, and any side dishes you want on the lettuce, this time with cheese. Fold and wrap the meat and side dishes with the lettuce and put it in your mouth, whole! You’re gonna taste everything in that one big wrap of a treat.

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