Where do you find the best Italian food in Singapore? That’s the question I hear over and over again. Yes, I love good Italian food, and I’m always looking for the next great spot. Limoncello Pizza and Grill-Italian Restaurant along Roberson Quay is my go-to destination whenever I crave good Italian food.

Singapore has no shortage of excellent food destinations. With so many great options, but for the sake of brevity, Limoncello Pizza and Grill-Italian Restaurant is the one I personally enjoy the most and find myself eating (more than 5x) throughout the year either with my work colleagues or with my family.

Heres are some of the Bests on their menu


    You can talk to the chef about how you want your steak done.

2. Pizza

They have a great selection of pizza and they are made in traditional napoletan style, the place where pizza originated. 


300g Burrata cheese served with „ San Daniele“ ham 24 months, salame and mix grilled vegetables (Good for sharing 2-3 pax)

You can check their website  https://www.limoncello.sg/ to reserve a seat and check their menu.


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