Why Join the Club?

Here are top reasons to be part of the ultimate list!

Food Club Asia invites you to be part of the region’s ultimate guide for the best flavours in the city. From search engine credibility to social media presence, and email marketing reach, the creators of this online food hub have ensured real results from genuine contents.

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Ranging from more than 40 cuisines to over 35 food categories, Food Club Asia gives only the most sought-after trends within the communities. Your food establishment will benefit from being visible in relevant groups depending on your offerings and promotions. From pizza hubs to street food spots, either kid-friendly brunches or date night destinations, the varied options are limitless and the opportunities never end!

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Convert five-star feedbacks to advertising perks! Our dynamic team is always on the lookout for new eats and thrills, as long as tummies get filled. Whether you prefer pop-up surprises on the user’s feed, targeted emailing, or website banners featuring deals and bundles on your best-selling dishes, your restaurant could welcome the next pool of hungry foodies craving for undiscovered flavors. We help you improve the figures of your cash counters every day.

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With a proven presence on popular channels like Facebook and Instagram from its sister brands with a followership of more than 500,000, Food Club Asia is not just a new kid on the block which is only testing the waters. We take this business, seriously. It has a credible portfolio of business entities that have successfully maintained a relationship with loyal customers. Supporting your food establishment with daily engaging posts, advertising budget, and a dedicated marketing team for customer support in verified platforms is key to Food Club Asia’s core competencies. Once again, we emphasize real results.

Reach Foodies Through Direct Emails

With more than 50,000 opt-in email listeners who are actively following weekly e-newsletters, Food Club Asia is proud to offer this leverage of sending your campaign to the right clientele. With customized content for your chosen audience based on gender, interest, age bracket, location, and many more demographical choices, your restaurant could increase its sales figures in no time through a well-crafted messaging with catchy copy, attractive visuals, and result-driven techniques.

How to join?

As an introductory offer, restaurants can register for FREE and simply engage with us through providing a gift kit that contains three dining vouchers worth SGD 100 each. That’s it! Simple terms, real results. For more information, Contact Us.