One of my go-to craft beer destinations is Picotin BrewHaus (Previously Beer Fest). They are located at 9 Rochester Dr, Singapore 138641. Telephone Number: +656777 0184.

I discovered them in 2018, and since I live along the west, they have been one of my go-to hangouts for the past years.

Here’s the reason why I love this place!

The moment you enter, you will be greeted by their friendly staff. They are nice enough to help you out in order.

Picotin Brehaus
Awesome service!

Cherry Ruby, the girly girl beer. The alcohol level is low; I usually come in the afternoon and continue my work while taking a sip of their iced-cold Cherry Ruby!

Picotin Brew haus
The girly-girl drink, I love it!


Picotin craft beer
This is my second favorite after Cherry Ruby. It’s not that sour at all.
Picotin Brewhaus
The lowest price starts 3 PM in the afternoon and the price goes up every hour.

From finger food (my favorite is the spicy chicken wings) to lunch sets and main courses, you name it, they got it covered.

My last visit was in September 2020; they are still under Beer Fest. I just called them right now and confirmed that they still serve the same craft beer and even added more food selection.

I happened to visit Picotin -Katong at 382 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427622. They have a good selection of food, I will post a separate blog on that.




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