There’s always something warming and thoughtful about Asian cuisine. No wonder it has become one of the world’s favourite comfort food. From its Chinese influences to Malay flavours, and even the distinct blend of herbs and spices, the rich history and culture beyond its delicious taste is what makes every plate colourful.


The Malayan Council Esplanade,Singapore Branch


Another world-renowned choice in every feasting table is none other than the Western food inspired by classic European fare and traditional delights from the Americas. With these two cuisines that are famous hits in almost every country, what then it would be like if they are together? This is true with the ever-dynamic and growing Asian-Western restaurant, The Malayan Council, which recently opened its newest branch at the modern and bustling Esplanade Mall, Singapore.

The brainchild of restaurateur and F&B personality Hafiz Alkhatib who has gained his culinary experience from prestigious five-star establishments, speciality restaurants, and now his well-renowned brand, The Malayan Council gives every foodie a unique marriage of Asian and modern European flavours in every bite. With its fifth branch situated in a luxury hub overlooking the Singapore River, its modern black and white interiors speak of a well-lit atmosphere with a touch of sleek Parisian aesthetic, Balinese rattan accents, and some British royal palace-inspired gold finishes in its Esplanade spot.

You can’t call yourself an Asian cuisine lover if you haven’t tasted its signature seafood dishes, such as the Crispy King Prawn highlighting the unique crunch of a batter coating that eventually reveals a fresh and tender prawn combined with the red caviar hint upon landing your palate. Another must-try is the Crab Meat and Spinach Soup, served in its beautiful yin yang plating, that satisfies every foodie with the delicious balance of under-the-sea-inspired relish and mild sweetness of the power veggie in a warm bowl.

What’s more? The Salmon Tartare gives justice to everyone’s addiction to fresh raw food (such as sushis), as the delightful dish comes in a bed of greens, red radish, cherry tomatoes, and marinated small salmon cubes with both red and white caviars, and topped with fried salmon skin.

To complete your Asian-Western meal, The Malayan Council offers a scrumptious twist to the popular Indonesian snack Ondeh Ondeh (glutinous rice balls made with pandan and rolled in coconut flakes) by transforming it into a drink as Madame Ondeh. Get ready then for a refreshing burst with every sip! Lastly, the Bread and Butter Pudding has the softness and fluffiness you are looking for in a satisfying dessert to cleanse the palate. The best thing? It is paired with ice cream and berries to complement the sweetness.

While savouring Asian food is the traditional way to eat in Singapore, a visit to this fusion restaurant is worth it, which is why foodies and tourists alike do reserve a seat in advance not just for family gatherings, but especially for VIP meetings and special occasions. The Malayan Council is your next go-to place for everything Halal and Asian favourites that will make your tastebuds travel across various cultures.

The Malayan Council Food Gallery:

Crispy King Prawn        

Crab Meat and Spinach Soup                     

Bread and Butter Pudding   

Madame Ondeh

The Malayan Council location

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